Thursday night

This Thursday has been great.  I say that because today I have experienced an excellent vibe starting with the morning. As soon as  I get back home after finishing my job at 3.40 a.m, I began to realise my situation and acknowledge to myself about all the opportunities that surround me. I changed my clothes and the beddings and slept for a few hours until my journey was about to begin again at 8.30 am. Will be continued…  Right, when I started I begin to feel a little bit stressed because I didn’t do what I planned to do. But as the day gets on I realised that the results I perform are with the attitude I prefer having. So, I start planning again and with the hope that the next time I will spot the mistake and correct it. I began, for instance, getting organised and thinking about my aspiration of being a great writer. The greatest writer of this century. Likewise, my dreams started materialising in my head and gave me a strong confidence and reliance in my actions. At that point, I knew what I have to do to achieve that position, and the first thing I had to do was to believe. If I had enough faith in my God than all I had to do is to progress and to keep in mind my plans. I kept repeating to myself that I need to be perseverent in my actions, to ‘engage in consistent actions’ if I want my plans to start materialising. But the problem was not with the substance. The content of my intentions was good and constructive, and it had and always will base on constructive ideas. The problem was with the structure of my plans. They had no strong structures to survive to the big amount of challenges that I had to encounter everyday. I realised that I need to get rid of the redundant material and create a structure from which people can understand easily.