The short-story of ‘Silence’.

Never Blending In


The word itself gives connotations of peace and tranquillity.train.jpg

The oxymoronic quality of the word combined with the sibilance of the slow, hissing ‘s’ gives one the impression of steam escaping from an old railroad train as it sets off from the station into the idyllic countryside. It’s amazing how we can forget how wonderful quiet can be sometimes.

We all find ourselves craving it in some way or another. Whether it is escaping through going on a scenic walk, blocking out the world with ear plugs on a plane journey, or curling up with a book beside a fireplace, each of us in our own ways needs to find that moment of solitude that brings rest.

For myself, I more often than not, do not like silence. I am fully aware that clashes with almost everything I said above – but for some of us silence can only be…

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