Academic Writing and stylistic issues

So, academic writing is something that is required usually at UNIVERSITY but it is a valuable skill to have in almost any area of expertise.

In language and Linguistics, academic is very important and it can take different forms more or less different than the other types of writing. First of all, the language that is used has to be linguistics or language related. That means terminology is accepted but used in the right proportion and in the right situations.  A second thing that has to be said about academic writing is that it is required to be clear and written in a concise manner for the reason that it must be easy for any reader to understand the details that you, the writer, want to convey through the text. For example, when trying to explain your thoughts, try not to use many complex sentences when a simple one could do the same thing. Keeping it simple is many time the best thing to do. It is at the same time easy to follow the ideas put in and also an economic writing.

Another thing that the writer might think about is the clarity of the message that wants to be transmitted. Leaving the reader with a clear understanding of what it was meant to be said depends very much on the clarity of the ideas that were initially thought of.


First person singular ‘I’ is recommended not to be used as it shows a lack of academic style and it gives the text a personalised appearance. Personalising the text is not was is intended in academic writing but, on the contrary, it has to reflect a neutral position. Many scholars have changed their opinions about this recently and now it becomes more accepted. Yet, the safe run would be not to be used.


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