Friends and their mission in life

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Many would say that having a friend is one of the best thing possible for a human being as it is normal for people to create relationships and share ideas and moments from their lives.  I believe that this is a true fact and that humans need indeed one another to create and to transform ideas into reality because often, friendships are tangled by a strong cooperation and supportive attitude.

Even though I do not have that many memories with friends that have been supportive, I know what friendship means and I also know that a good friend is hard to be found. Yet, I remember how I felt when I shared those moments of happiness with someone else and what an emotional impact it had.

Where I come from,  I learned in school about a writer who lived about 150 years ago which used to live alone. Loneliness was his preferred state and maybe it was also the state where the inspiration came from. However, one of his predominant theme in his writings was the loneliness itself and the black and horrid colour of it. He wished a different life or maybe he was just reflecting on that kind of life. Nevertheless, being alone in this beautiful world and not sharing the present time with others is a waste of time and makes one person’s existence useless.




One thought on “Friends and their mission in life

  1. I definitely agree with you on this. Let me give you an example with regards to friendship and traveling. I thought to myself that I was going to enjoy travel alone based on previous experience with crappy travel companions, but I’ve realized that this is not the case. It is simply about sharing this unique experience with the people that matter. Personally, I think great friendships are amongst the most important aspects of life. Even more so than family at times, as friends are the people you choose to let into your life.


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