Napoleon Hill and his teachings about concentration

Napoleon Hill was a very intelligent person that lived at the beginning of the 20th century and who was mainly concerned about how the thinking of a person influences his/her  success in a lifespan. Among the successful career in psychology, Napoleon also has been an intriguing and outstanding writer. One of his successful books,’Think and Grow Rich’ sold in more than 20 million of copies at the time was published. Hill’s work analised  the role of the personal beliefs in achieving success.

Hill was born in the Southwest Virginia, USA and grew up in a poor family. As himself says in some chapters of his ’16 Laws of Success’ book, this is one of the reasons that motivated him to fight angainst poverty and that poverty is a stage that worths expiriencing but not one in which one has to persist staying.

Hill’s teachings about concentration were the part that attracted me the most in reading his book ‘Laws of success’. According to him, concentration is a powerful state of mind where an individual takes good decsions while giving  everything with a secondary importance apart and concentrate on what matters in the present moment.  Also, concentration is what keeps people on their track on achieving success because it makes people consistently persue and develop twards a specific direction.

Concentration is also a charachteristic that needs to be developed first but which once developed can bring one massive success because h/she understood that the trained mind that is fixed on a given subject will attract everything is needed to be attracted.


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