Why do I like writing?

I will start by saying that writing is one of my passions which I did not put into practice as often as I should but which always attracted me.

As this author confirms -‘If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write at all.’-Anne Tyler, you are not always sure when is the right moment to write a good piece of writing.

Reading through different books and articles, I started to observe how all the authors transmit their feelings and give a perspective to what they write.   I can say that doing so; I learned to separate what is considered a good writing and what is not. So, reading different materials enhanced my ability to analyze more critically but I was still far from writing something by myself.

I even started to think that I could write my own book one day, and from then, every time I would read something interesting I would try to figure out what are were the methods that that author used.How did he do what he did, and so on?

So, to finish this post,  my passion for writing started long ago but never became more powerful than it is today and its beginning can be traced back into the days when I would just wonder how good an article can be instead of starting to write one by myself.




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